4 Simple Ways to Gain Money Using Facebook

The overall value of Facebook has reached tremendous heights. On a daily basis, thousands of people are using Facebook to communicate with each other and learn more about the world. Trends can also be explored in Facebook, encompassing all industries in one big, multi-dynamic network. Companies have also used Facebook to reach many customers around the world. Truly, such useful communication tool can change anyone’s life.


Do you know that it’s possible to make money with the help of Facebook? There are countless possibilities, as long as you know how to start. These are some simple ideas you can try:


Commenting in Groups and Pages

Every day, thousands of people leave their comments in various pages and groups. While you may think that all of these comments are done spontaneously, a significant percentage is paid by employers. Paid commenting is a rising gig that will never run out of style. As long as Facebook is still soaring, comments will be used to convey information and spark discussions. Just be careful with sinister employers who might use comments to undermine a specific group. Be selective – your reputation is at stake.


Share Parties

Who would’ve thought that the simple act of sharing pages and videos can help you earn money? Share parties are common nowadays because companies are looking for cheap ways to market their products and services. A sharing gig may be an extension of a Facebook management project, or it could be a stand-alone task. Rule of thumb: avoid commission based payments. You should only look for opportunities that will pay you per project.


Facebook Contests and Events

Facebook contests and events are held all over the network. You can see them in groups, pages, and even in your friends’ walls. It’s somehow tricky to find these contests because you have to dig really deep. You can profit by winning the contest or helping an employer set up a contest for his product. The latter seems the easier course because it could be one of your tasks as future Facebook manager.


Reviews and Page Management

Companies thrive and die based on user reviews. If a company has poor reviews, then conversion will slow down. One popular gig nowadays is review creator and page manager. Your task is to make reviews about the company/service and manage the owner’s page as well. It’s also your responsibility to delete reviews that may be damaging to the company.


Do you believe that you’re capable for implementing the mentioned Facebook ideas? If so, then you should waste no time. Beef up your profile and start talking to people. Eventually, employers will be able to see your skills and they’d hire you without hesitation. Sooner or later, you might even become a high-paid Facebook manager.

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